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If you think all infield dirt is the same, you haven’t talked to a shortstop.

If you think, “sand is sand” you haven’t talked to a volleyball player.

And turf managers who maintain football fields know the soil makes all the difference.

Welcome to our world. We manufacture sports field maintenance materials based on scientific research, field managers’ directives, and players’ preferences. From the Major Leagues to little leagues, Waupaca Sand & Solutions’ products make sure athletic fields perform as well the as sports heroes who use them.



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Project Gallery

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Worst Sand for Volleyball Courts

Sand volleyball's the perfect summer sport. But playing on a bad volleyball court can be painful. What problems are caused by using the wrong sand? Cuts & Scrapes: Ouch! Sand containing small stones can slice players' knees and scratch...

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Best Sand for Building Beaches

What is the correct sand to use when building a beach?  The types and sizes of sand on naturally-formed beaches vary widely.  So there is no one set of standards or specifications to follow when building a beach from scratch.  Instead, use these guidelines to select...

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