We set the standard

for golf course greens topdressing and construction mixes

Think all infield dirt is the same?

You haven’t talked to a shortstop!
Golf Course Solutions
Waupaca Sand & Solutions is the Midwest’s leading supplier of golf course maintenance materials. We set the standard for greens topdressing and construction mixes in Wisconsin and Illinois.
Sports Field & Parks Solutions
If you think all infield dirt is the same, you haven’t talked to a shortstop…if you think “sand is sand”, you haven’t talked to a volleyball player…and turf managers who maintain football fields know that the soil makes all the difference.
Landscaping Solutions
Waupaca Sand & Solutions offers one-stop shopping for your decorative landscape stone needs, with a wide variety of colors and sizes of rock to use for ground cover and enhancing landscape planting areas.
Industrial Abrasives Solutions
We’ve been producing quality abrasive products for the blasting and sealcoating industry for decades using a state-of-the-art air fractionating plant to meet customer specifications for abrasive materials and industrial sands.
Equestrian Footing Solutions
Spoil your horse by using the best footing materials for your indoor and outdoor arenas, and reduce dust and maintenance in your arena, all while giving your horses a safer environment!
Stormwater Control Solutions
Do your project plans call for bioinfiltration areas? Bioretention basins? Biofilter soil? Save time and money while meeting the project’s requirements by using pre-blended Engineered Soil from Waupaca Sand & Solutions.

What Do Our Customers Say?

“We can play on our Sure-Hop infields well before anyone else in the area.”

Bartonville, IL

“Thank you for your Glacier Granite Warning Track! It has already been a life saver. We love our product.”

Canton, MO

“An immediate positive response was received from our user groups in response to the darker, red color of the Sure-Hop Infield Mix. As the season went on, we experienced fewer problems with dust and drifting, and a lower frequency of rainouts.”

Highland Park, IL

“The long jump sand looks great. Thanks for working with us on this.”

Mitchell, SD

“We rehabbed 10 ballfields and used the Sure Hop mix. We averaged 8-10 missed games per season per field because of rainouts. With the new fields we’ve only lost a total of 2-3 games per year since. Love that Sure Hop.”

Hartland, WI

“The infield mix worked out perfect. Better than what we had and everyone is happy! Thank you.”

Peosta, IA

“My golf course has received superior service from your company and your staff.  Great service has come from everyone including your truck drivers.”

Menasha, WI

“The ThawDust Black Sand is amazing stuff. Very happy with the end results.”

Beaver Dam, WI

“I can’t believe how much difference the ThawDust Black Sand made. It raised the surface temperature 20 degrees. The plants that were partially damaged got kicked into high gear due to the soil temperature increase.”

Highland Park, IL

“I have been very happy with the root zone sand that we have used on both of our soccer and softball field sod replacement projects.”

Champaign, IL

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